For Loop with Break Animation Montage

Hey, all, I haven’t found a “ForLoopw/Break” tutorial that involves animation montages. Anyone know how to do this or know where I can find a tutorial? My goal is to have an idle animation loop (via blueprint) until a command is given (the break). I DON’T want to loop the animation (increase LOOP COUNT), itself, because it will continue to loop into other animations.

I don’t want to increase LOOP COUNT (mid-top right)

Hi there,
If you want to control animation, for loop is not a good setup. Loop macros don’t work well with latent nodes (executed during a time frame or delay). Also, “For Loop” from these macros and “Animation Loop” are completely different concepts.

You can use:

  1. Montage sections
  2. Animation blueprints with different animation states (idle, walking, attacking etc).

Both can be controlled via blueprints, however, if you want multiple idle animations combined with different actions, the second method is your best choice.

Let me find a good reference and share here.

Random Idle Animations - Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube


Thank you, L.F.A!

I’m prototyping, so while I’ll basically rely on Animation Blueprints for an actual game, I wanted to use montages as a shortcut during my experimentation VEHICLE POSSESSION.

I’ll check out your advice on Montage Sections and get back to you.

I’m still new (3 months), so my Unreal Vocabulary is limited.

Hi, glad it helped.
Are you following these tutorials?

Playlist Parts 1-3

Part 4
:blue_car: Car System - Blend Materials - Part 4 - UE4 + PROJECT DOWNLOAD - YouTube


The first one I’ve seen, the second one I’m checking out now.
Pardon the delay. I needed a break for a day!

The Montage sections freaking nailed it! Thank you, so much! I’m going to review the other videos as well.

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Glad it helped.
Keep up the good work.

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