For loop, delay problem

Hi i have problem with for loop. But from the beginning i want to create light that will turn off and turn on and it will do 5 times but when i adding in for loop delay it wont work after i start level light just gone if you say use timers i dont know how to use timers and do something 5 times using timers (sorry for my english).

As far as I know loops have to finish before the next frame. For “slow loops” like this I normally use a timer that disables itself when it reaches the end of the loop.

Your logic will fire “toggle visibility” 5 times at 1.0s.
I assume you want it fired at time 1s 2s 3s 4s 5s?

There are a thoudsand ways to do this.
For example, by using timeline
It should work, but I didn’t test it


Blueprint Macro Library (Actor) - For Loop with Delay

RevOverDrive how can i do this ? Because when i want to edit for loop it show this

The default loops are of Object type (parent class). You need to create a new macro library of Actor type.

Do NoT Edit the default functions/macros.

Right click in content browser -> blueprints -> blueprint macro library. It’ll prompt for “Parent Class”. Choose ACTOR.

Copy the contents of For Loop and paste them in to your new macro library. Setup the input/outputs and pipe everything up.


Naming the Function …



Thanks all of you but i do that in other way and this is my work (there is nothing behind SET).