"For Loop" BP not working with "Delay" BP

Hello everyone,

There is something i don’t understand… I use “For Loop” BP and it’s working pretty well, however when i try to add “Delay” BP before each loop, it doesn’t work anymore, i mean it will cast only one time like if there is no “For Loop” BP.


PS : On the screenshot it’s “Retriggerable Delay”, but same problem too [HR][/HR]

Thanks a lot for help !!
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Any regular loop happens in one frame with or without a delay. Use timers (SetTimerByEvent or SetTimerByFunctionName) instead of a loop.

As @GarnerP57 already mentioned, you can’t add delays in the loop body of a for loop. However, you can create a custom for loop macro with the added delay logic:

And if you plan on using it across multiple blueprints, you can create a Blueprint Macro Library (with an Object type parent) and add this macro to it. This way, you will be able to call it from any blueprint, just like with the normal for loop.

Thank you a lot @GarnerP57 @Stormrage256 & for your help !
I’ll try this today :slight_smile: !