For how long have you used Unreal Engine, and why?


For how long have you used unreal engine (not referring to UE4 only), and why did you decided in the first place to use it?

I started like… eleven years ago or so. First map I made was for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 and I even won a mapping competition with it, this was with UE 2.5. I never went pro though, did a map for a mod team and then worked on a Betio map Rising Storm ( art made by the rising storm team, I can’t model for ****) for a bit but couldn’t really commit in the end due to university studies. I resigned and I think someone took over the map, don’t know really. That was in UE 3.

Nowadays I concentrate mainly on programming since I study computer science in school.

I messed around with udk couple of times, my current pc isn’t quite powerful enough for ue4 tho. I’m using unity 5 and having a blast.

i began using epic engines back in 2009, i started with the UDK, then i moved to UE4, right now i’m using UE4 and Unity 5, both engines has pros and cons but i like UE4 over unity! The UE4 is the best engine to make a game.

Salutations Tendogames,

I began learning Unreal 10 months ago after having switched from Unity.
Dedicated learning of Unreal began 4-5 months ago.

Why I started using it:

  • A friend trying to convince me to drop Unity and go with Unreal
  • Free to get everything was a big push, while there was a monthly subscription it wasn’t even really on my radar.
  • Square Enix announcing 2 big name games using Unreal made me look at what big games were being made in Unity and do comparisons
  • Performance issues in Unity around games that have to do constant fast paced horizontal scrolling
  • Unity having no real game framework compared to what Unreal has.

12 years.


Since 1999 and UT. Because unreal had out of the box map editor and quake did not.

12 years, why - matinee, why am i still here - you won’t find a better Committy any where else

4 months. I’m in school for software development. Want to work for Google or Unreal also want to make super beautiful and fun games that people enjoy regardless of cost. First demo near completion.

I started using it in 2000 for making maps and starting scripting gameplay in 2007. First used UE3 with C++ in 2012 and I’ve used UE4 since it was in Beta. Love it.

Thank you for all the responses guys. Is quite interesting to see every ones story, and how they started using the Editor.

For me one Unreal Engine, I guess it changed my life from the moment I click the UnrealEd icon instead the Unreal.exe back in 1998, although I remember the editor didn’t worked and asked for a UED patch.

I don’t know if back that time there wear other companies allowing you to use there engine for learning? Quake II was a fantastic game, but don’t remember if had any editor.

With Unreal Tournament editor I had a lot of fun after. Same for UT2004.

Before to even use the unreal engine all I knew what to do is draw in Windows 95, Ms. Paint. I used the 2d shape editor for 7 years, until different companies told me I need to learn 3D.
I am thinking that the 2D Shape editor helped me a bit learning about 3D shape objects since was similar to splines drawing. It was a great tool of its time.

What was UE like back then? Have you worked on any games I can check out?*

Sadly don have the maps I made back in 1998 but still have some from 1999, can be seen here.

But the editor interface and mostly it was all the same. Only UE4 is different.

I started back in 2013 with UDK for a school project. It was waaaaay overambitioned but taught me dozens of things that I still use today. So compared to the real pros Im just a small noob fish xD
Sometimes I wish I had played UT way earlier in my life. Back in the UT3 days I hated UE actually because of this ugly texture loading after the actual level loading ended. So I went to CryEngine instead(being blended by its awesome graphics) and tested it out, CE2 Editor was shipped with Crysis but it was horrible to use…

Over the time however, I started to like UE more and more and when I began to use Unity in 2012, I realized how meh Unity was. So the only engine left was the UDK/UE3. When we started our next try for a game, we decided to take the risks despite the disliking and downloaded UDK. After a few tutorials by Bucky/TheNewBoston, I started to love UE and now, after 3 years, here I am

In a sense UE was always that ugly duck in the pool that is actually awesome but just looks ugly. Once you get to know the duck a little bit, you realize how cool it really is…

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I started with UDK, whenever that became free to use.