[FOR HIRE PAID] UE4 Developer C++/BP

Hello. My name is Denis, I am a programmer in various areas with overall experience of 20 years, with 3 years experience working as a UE4 developer. I am open to new projects. Please do not disturb me if you are an individual or your team is looking for volunteers, etc. Only paid projects. Only projects with investments or commercial studios and teams.

For detailed information see attached resume
My resume:resume.pdf (403.1 KB)

I’d like to speak to you if you’re interested. Been burned a few times and totally understand it. What I’m asking is not that difficult but I don’t have the time to dive in technically for 8-15 hours and then dive in technically again in any sustainable way. Would you be open to work at a contract rate per piece of the project?

Sorry, but not. Only hourly rate

I’ve been burned by hourly rates too many times sir. But totally understood. I believe what I’m asking for coincides with hourly rates quite well (more even considering) but if it’s a flat no, I do understand completely.


Hey Den - We are interested to offer you something. Can you send an email to or discord :

are you available to work now a days