[For Hire] Game Social Media Promotion and Management

Scenario 1: You’ve finished the game. You’re getting ready to launch.

Scenario 2: You just started development of the game, but you want to build awareness during development.

Scenario 3: *You made the game. You tried to do your own social media, but its hard to give time to social while also developing the game. Your social media presence could be better, and ultimately your marketing strategy suffers. *

Scenario 4: You made the game. The game is now released. Very little buzz. No way to track your community. Very few sales.

Don’t let the last two scenarios happen to you!

I specialize in social media management. I’ve done it for local businesses, musicians, and even game fan accounts. If you’re releasing a game you NEED social media.

Social media offers:

• Cheap marketing
• Access to millions of potential customers
• Communication with your fans
• Trackable metrics to see where your fans are and how they interact with you

We can help you with all of this, including strategy, daily posting, communication with players, fan accounts, and more.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, our prices are really fair.

Visit my website here to learn more about my company and contact us:

Good luck!