[FOR HIRE] Custom Music by Composer for Any Project Fast

[FONT=Noto Sans]Sample work -

[FONT=Noto Sans]*PM/email me your requests and budget. Will do any request in any music style. Orchestral, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Electronic, Rap… you name it.

[FONT=Noto Sans]*Music Length – I can compose as long track as you need. Longer the track, bigger the cost and time to make it.

[FONT=Noto Sans]***Scheduling **As example: If you order today song of 2 minutes, I will generally finish it within 2 days. Depends on complexity.

[FONT=Noto Sans]*Capability: Any music style with any instrument.

[FONT=Noto Sans]*6 years of professional experience include:

  1. [FONT=Noto Sans]Video Game soundtracks
  2. [FONT=Noto Sans]Animations, video and films
  3. [FONT=Noto Sans]Choir and Orchestra (got contacts to have singers and musicians play your music. Might cost extra.)
  4. [FONT=Noto Sans]Hours of albums to listen (link here)
  5. [FONT=Noto Sans]Music in Advertisements

[FONT=Noto Sans]*Happiness Guaranteed. If first track is not good enough, I can make another one with no extra cost.

[FONT=Noto Sans]*Website[FONT=Noto Sans]: [FONT=Noto Sans]

[FONT=Noto Sans]*Email[FONT=Noto Sans]: elias.luukkanen[FONT=Noto Sans][EMAIL=“”]