[For Hire][Contract] Michael Klier / Sound Design / Implementation (C#, Blueprint, Middleware) / Tra


Hope everyone is having a great start to week!

Michaelhere, Freelance Sound Designer for Games & Media! (@michael_klier](

Do you need custom Sound Design for your game, trailer or someone to help implement everything? I can help!

My services include custom high quality Sound Design for Games / Trailers / VR Experiences with quick turnaround times.

I also provide Audio Implementation in Unity3D(C#), UE4(Blueprints) or via Middleware like Wwise & FMod!

For a custom quote tailored to the individual needs of your project you can reach me anytime via or skype:klier.michael.

Lets chat! I’m currently available to take on new exciting projects!

Thanks for reading and have a great time everyone :]!


hello i would love to talk to you but the only way we can do that is through skype so add me @EnigmaDevColton