[For Hire] AU - Full Music & Sound Production Studio


We’re Apocalyptic Universe, a small but talented studio of 2 people, one of us specialized in sound design and the other one in music composition. We have more than 5 years of experience in the gaming and film industry, having composed and done sound design for diverse clients and indie studios.

You can see some of our music composing skills here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7eFegoi6Y-CIDTLbEMbLFQ

See our sound design reel here: Apocalyptic Universe - Sound Demo Reel (Sound Redesign) - YouTube

Our full sound production will take care of any music that you need and any sound effect that you require.

We’re currently charging $100 USD per minute of track composed and $10 USD per sound effect made.

As of recently we are also creating trailers and editing videos ($8 USD per second), our demo reel for that is currently being created.

Prices are negotiable and discounts can be made in case there’s a need of many tracks/sound effects.

We also can take care of sound integration with Unreal Engine/Unity via Wwise, this also has an additional cost but it depends on the complexity of the project and what needs to be done.

Previews are free of charge and you can pay once you are satisfied with the final product!

If you are interested in hiring our services you can contact via e-mail: apocalypticuniverse111@gmail.com or via discord: world_creator#9524

We’re confident that we can achieve anything you want sound-wise!

Check out our new release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLgOzpXkB5Q

We are available for work! Check our latest music: Apocalyptic Universe - Mortician - YouTube

Check our latest release: Apocalyptic Universe - Nosferatu

Check out our new releases: Apocalyptic Universe - Spaghetti Western - YouTube

Check out our latest release: Apocalyptic Universe - Call of the Jungle - YouTube