[For Free] 3D Game Asset Creator

Im looking for cooperation with amateur game developers. I have 4mo experience in Blender. Mostly of the time learning how to make well optimized assets for games. I need cooperation to push forward my skills and put some 3d soft to UE experience. Im using Blender and Substance Painter. I know good basics of modelling, sculpting, UV unwrapping, baking HP to LP and texturing. I need some advices about converting to UE, but first and foremost I need collaborator.

Sorry for my english. Im from Poland :wink:

Best regards.

Hello, we at TSStudios are wonding if you would be interested in helping, The creation of a Backrooms Game will provide more info if interested.

Heker#2142 discord

Hey we are looking for employees for an upcoming MMO Modern Warfare FPS. Add me on discord Ranger#1616