for every triggerbox a beginoverlap node, possible to decrease to one?

Hey there, its my first time posting here and gonna introduce myself a little bit. Before ill explain my problem.

Hopefully you can understand my broken English. Im sorry about that.

My names Daniel and im from Switzerland. Ive worked already a little bit with unreal engine and Unity. Ive got also experience with Blender. I was always interested on Game development and startet by myself learning some basics. Programming is very interesting, but not my speciality. Im more a guy with a creativity in 3D/2D art. This is why I choose Unreal Engine.

Im creating a 3D Sidescroller. To learn and get a better understanding how everything works. Ive made my own jumpsystem, by using Triggerboxes. Everything works, but it will be very unclear if i need for every Platform to call a ActorBeginOverlap(Triggerbox1) Event (For every Platform im using a triggerbox to Jump). Is there a way to compress every Triggerbox I need for this Level in an Array or anything else, so Im only using one Overlap Event?

To understand better, I made some pictures.

Why Im doing it so hard is, because I can say I made a game from Blanket.