For each loop with break problem (Its UE5)

Hi I just wanted to make a inventory system but it doesn’t work and after some tests I realized that for each loop with break but it’s not working. I gave print string to check it but nothing. Maybe someone have some ideas ?

Edit I did this

And in the game its saying not valid so how can i fix this?

The 2nd image is incorrect. Consider describing the issue a little more:

after some tests I realized that for each loop with break but it’s not working

…tells us little and we can’t even see what is supposed to break the loop or how it’s implemented.

Sorry :sweat_smile:
There is the rest of the code

Try and read it yourself first before sharing. It’s almost like you are trolling. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

No i’m not, It is the third day that I have been suffering with this. Now i checked some things and its Invetory Slot array ://

Did you fix it?

If not: Try and get everything in one image.

No i didn’t and there it is that array

All of this is from this tutorial :

  1. Any errors in log?
  2. How are you assigning the value to the inventory slots variables?
  1. No

These? Don,t see them there.

Also how are you populating this other array?

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Yea maybe i just download full version of this because i wanted to do it myslef but i want to make this system fast
Thanks for help anyway <3

Mmm. I find it quite strange that the “Loop Body” pin of the loop node isn’t connected to anything. This way nothing is executed except the “Completed” step which is executed only once at the end of the loop.

Try a delay before the break.