For each loop conflict with move component to

I have an array of actors and I try to shift them each up by 150 units to their original position. So I wrote it like this: b0739796f20331121cd5d6781dce1bedf94a3c78.jpeg

However it only moves the first items to the 150 units up of the last items. There seems to be some async problems yet I don’t know how to solve.


Your BPActor length is more than 1? Print it before the ForEachLoop to confirm it actually have more items inside the array.

For loops in BP don’t care about execution. You can try manually looping though.

Yes, I am pretty sure.

Don’t use loops for anything that acts over-time or requires a delay. It’s a horrible mess. Instead try firing an event for each index, and increase the index per fire.

Thanks! The event solved the issue