For beginner question -> movement

I have been googling and cannot find right solution in blue print or c++

Too much info… in my opinion.

since my game is 2D Final Fantasy ish (Chrono Trigger without combo system) game…

i just need simple movement. Which from position A to position B with some speed set (it could be diagonal too).

my enemy and player units are pawn… do i have to use character? i only need to move at certain speed. not necessaily jumping or anything.

hmm… i feel complicated. any simple solution would help me. please.

if you are asking what do you use to make your character/enemys move from A to B you could use Pawn movement?
If you control the character then you could use character movement

thx for reply. you mean Floating Pawn Movement? and how?

if nobody help me moving a pawn smoothly… i have no choice but using dynamic move method from what my old instructor taught me :frowning:

Will you be controlling it or will it be AI?

If it is AI then i wont be able to help as i have not done anything with AI yet.

When i use movement i just add it as a component on my blueprint class and then i use “GetCharacterMovement()” then i get things like my max speed etc. I use that with character movement and not floating pawn movement so im not sure if “GetCharacterMovement()” will work on it.

I have never used floating pawn movement in c++ so i dont know how it is coded but it has a “Max speed” on it so if you just want a pawn to move from A to B then that should be all you need

I suppose you could make a Character class then derive a blueprint class from it and add character movement as a component then use “GetCharacterMovement()->” from this you can change and set the values from the c++ class or just do it from the component itself. Character movement has more features than you said you needed but its always there in case you ever want to add them in later on.

Sorry for the very late reply was busy doing stuff

thanks for quick reply. I am already doing it old style to implement. i gonna give a shot about it.

it is partial AI. not serious AI. just when it is being commanded, it moves to target

I ran into this a few weeks back and only now completed it.
Unable to find any info into how to use the out of the box AI tech in UE4(In 2D side scroller).

I went full brutal on it.

Created a actor and called it PathNode,
Create a Enum_PathNode that stored PathNode_A, PathNode_B
Then passed the paper2dsprite character through a function to use apply movement.

Not sure if it applies to you aswell though or if it made any sense.