For anyone who is having issues with "Weather System" by Frey, here is the Compiler Error Fix

“Weather System” by Frey - Not Compiling for windows via UE 4.27:

Issue: Compiling with the plugin enabled


  1. Locate your WeatherSystem.h files, found in the WeatherSystemPlugin folder (default on windows is [MainDrive]\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.27\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\WeatherSystemPlugin\Source\WeatherSystem\Public)

  2. Open up WaterBase.h in an IDE (I used VSCode). Find the problem lines, mine were 26,28,30. Specifdically you are looking for the lines which have a UPROPERTY.

  3. Make the UPROPERTY line as follows:
    UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Catergory - “WeatherSystem | Core”)

  4. Save

  5. Open up WeatherSystemsMaster.h

6a. Use find and replace function and search for ‘Catergory = Unique’
6b. Replace all with ‘Catergory - “WeatherSystem | Core”’

7a. Use Find and replace function and search for 'UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere)
7b. Replace all with ‘UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = “WeatherSystem | Core”)’

8a. Use Find and replace function and search for ‘UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly)’
8b. Replace all with UPROPERTY(BlueprintReadOnly, Category = “WeatherSystem | Core”)

  1. Save

  2. Build

This SHOULD fix the compiling issues. after the build, my sample project runs.

If the build throws errors still, and requires more Categories, you probably missed a line somewhere - look at the output log to find the file and exact line where the error is found and confirm that the UPROPERTY has the Category property.

Note: Private classes cannot have the ‘BlueprintReadWrite’ property.

Hope this helps!

Hi, thank you for this! I’ve brought the amount of errors down by a ton.

But now I am getting this error, I’m not sure where it should go considering I copy + pasted this in from your instructions - any ideas?

thanks again!

it looks like there may be a missing comma somewhere on line 25 in your document but its hard to see without seeing the document. In general you should try to comb through it but for a fast fix i hope you can use my files - i hope this works: