For anyone Wanting to know how to completely Uninstall EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER.

So, Ive been looking through forums and ive seen people wanting to uninstall EGL because they don’t use it anymore, didn’t like it, or are having a problem with it.

So I’m going to be helpful for once in my life and tell you to do it. (THIS IS ONLY ON WINDOWS 10)

Step 1 : Go to your “Cortana search bar” And Then type in “unin” then something should appear saying “Change or remove programs”

Step 2 click That (easiest step)

Step 3: It should open your settings center where you uninstall programs you don’t need

Step 4: Search for “Epic Games Launcher”

Step 5: Click on that once, Then you should see the uninstall button.

Step 6: You know the rest

If it was that easy :frowning:

It is that easy:

Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Epic Games Launcher -> Uninstall

That’s the standard way to uninstall something. A lot of modern software doesn’t have a dedicated uninstall .exe anymore.