i bought for vbucks graffity guy , idk that name of skin but i bought it ,now i logged in game after 8 days and i dont have anymore my name which i had now i have “hostile” before 1337Chris, changed region of play to asia ? wtf is that ? also i lost my skin of that graffity guy and got REAVEN ? wtf i bough skin that i wanted and u gave me reaven which i didnt wanted ? so give me back my VBUCKS to buy what i want and give me permision to change Name, u changed it and nexttime when im able to change name is after one month wtf ? are u freakin crazy???

Hi there,

Please fill out THIS FORM to contact Epic Account Support and make sure to enter as much detail on what happened so they can assist you further. They will reply to you by email.

This website is intended for UE4 developers to get technical assistance with game development, in the future please direct all Fortnite issues to the Fortnite Forums.

Thank you