For a single actor can you switch between using multiple skeletal animations?

I have two 3 skeleton assets from:

  1. Paragon Fey (Skeleton with wings)
  2. Anim starter pack
  3. Custom skeleton

I want my actor (With custom skeleton) to be able to use animation assets from both Anim starter pack and Paragon Fey. I have used skeleton re targeting to allow use of Anim starter pack animation. But can i also make it use Paragon Fey animations too or am i limited to a 1-to-1 animation re targeting?

Right now if i use the Paragon Fey animation my character reverts to the T-pose

Bumping the post

When I use Animations from Different Skeletons, I retarget those animations to a single Skeleton i use for everything, so i can swap animations with no problems.