For a roaming NPC pawn, is there a way to prevent them from going too close to the walls?

I theorized that adding an invisible shape with the NPC pawn, that had all collision ignored, except for WorldStatic ticked would work, but apparently it doesn’t. I don’t want to make the capsulecomponent wider because that means the NPC will have a much larger hitbox, and the player would also have trouble moving around that npc. With the way I have it currently in the picture,

Is there a way to make it so that this yellow box collides/blocks instead of clipping through these walls?

Maybe you can try to add subtractive nav mesh volume to every wall.

Just figured it out. The solution was right in front of my face and really simple. Just made the parent component, instead of the child components, much larger and only collides with WorldStatic and WorldDynamic. then i made a new capsule that was the same size as the original(before i enlarged it), and turned on appropiate collision settings to take hits from projectiles and blocks other pawns
Altering the navmesh wouldn’t really do it for me, because there are some explosive attacks that can fling them to a wall and then they die too close to it, which I didn’t want.