For a friend

How easy is it to make what it is in your mind!

I’ve created the character using metahuman time ago, and now…

Use Ancient Game as a base
Automotive content from tutorial
Some assets from Io’s character
Retarget animation to metahuman
Retarget facial old animations made in Faceshift
Few changes in general, we are looking to have an idea not the final…

Now I know how it looks in whatever scenario in just a few hours!


Greetings @alberto !

Are these screenshots a preview of what’s to come in a short film? Is the metahuman’s hair animated?

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Hello @Get_DOVAH_it,
This is just a screenshot from the editor, my idea is to do some short film yes

About the hair, yes animated, of course, I was looking at how to do it properly


Thank you for sharing the in-editor screenshot, alberto! There’s so much fun to be had learning UE! We eagerly look forward to your short film!


Well, I changed not so much from the original scenario, some lights, rocks…

I was looking for concepts and feelings.
The character is traveling, perhaps running or hiding… sad situation, she feels lonely, did a mistake…

And the environment was perfect to do a quick test!


OK @SupportiveEntity @Get_DOVAH_it @L.F.A

I had some days off and I did learn some AI and python…

And I was wondering… what about teaching a stable diffusion model who is the original actor…
And apply to Unreal? Well, my first attempts…

News coming soon!


Impressive work. It’s morph and custom textures?

Keep up the good work.

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Hi alberto!

This is absolutely impressive! :fire:

AND it’s your first attempt at something new! Not bad at all! :clap:

I’m eagerly anticipating your news to come soon. Yes, keep up the good work!


Wow! Fabulous work, @alberto! What a great first attempt! The differences in detail between the two images are incredible. This character is really coming to life now! :star_struck:

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Ohh nice! I wonder if there’s a reliable way to guide it’s bias away from camera facing shots, I’ve only played with SD a little myself, but only prompts with some source. Figured it would be great at adding life to 3D characters and you’ve definitely proved that correct. Excited to see what’s to come!

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Let’s say that I have a surprise for all the community guys!

Yes, Unreal Stable Diffusion!



@Zezkaii @SupportiveEntity @Get_DOVAH_it @L.F.A

I need a whole team and of course a 3090/4090 to develop this :sweat_smile:


Uff more than 15.000 views in one day


Well done, it’s promising. Keep it up!

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Hello guys, I created the topic in:

because this is a reality!

The unreal editor loading:

Latest test:

I can say this is just the tip of the iceberg.

And the content will be free and open source!