Footsteps on ground?

Hey I messed around with some new ideas for UE4 and a basic question which I have a while now is:
is it possible to make footsteps on the ground (decal)? I mean the character should place them on ground when you walk.
My first solution will be a linetrace…
Is this better makable or has somebody did this before?

Remembering the ue4 tutorial about anim with effect added on foot, i would try to use a notify to spawn decal at location.

I double post to add this link to help you doing it : Animation Notifications (Notifies) | Unreal Engine Documentation In hope it helps.

Well thats a good idea! I found in the PivotPainter Content Example a blueprint which tracks the foot position as well… This is the blueprint:

Is this working as well?

I don’t know, i have never try this, but i suppose that a try in a blank project is not too much time consuming. If it works : Really cool !

The interest of notify is that you’ll make it setting perfectly with your feet in snow / dust (one notify by feet) in your blend space movement for all speed. And that you’ll can do a spawn decal at location with no attach and no more needed to do by the grace of the garbage collection :p. But i don’t know how do the transition for walk / run. Maybe only have a notify in both anim and it does the job ^^ But if it does exactly the same : great ^^ I haven’t try yet.

Problem is I’m on First Person and I don’t know when the foot is on the ground :smiley: I will do it in the middle of the anim or something like that :smiley:

LOL ! You made my day. Thank you ^^

:smiley: Your welcome :stuck_out_tongue: