Footsteps explanation

Hallo again!

Like in my 1st subject; I’m hoping to use UE for architecture visualizations in the future. My goal is to create small “games”, interactive visualizations with some immersive stuff… like footsteps!
I know the topic was created few times already, and yes, I was searching the google for few methods, but I just can’t go through it. I came up with this tutorial:

Since as I said I’m new to this and blueprints are like black magic to me, I’m alsmot totally do not know what i’m doing. What I did was just putting same nodes around like the guy in the tutorial. What happend was that my sounds don’t care on witch floor I am standing and also they play even when I’m not moving but I cannot find any errors in the functions!

If anyone could take a look and point the errors in my blueprints, it would be amazing! My blueprints looks a bit different since we already have version 4.9 (i’m not sure if i clear functions properly) and i did add headbob.
Also if anyone thinks I can use some simplier/better method to do the footsteps and could explain me how to do it, then i would be sooo greatful.

I’ve attachted the screenshot of my level and my blueprints.
Hope you guys like it and can help me out with this :slight_smile: