Footsteps character sounds

Hey guys!

I’m working on Base character sounds with advanced setup marketplace asset.

It will include 8 different footsteps sound conected to the Physical Material. So when you paint for example grass in your level, your character will always make grass footsteps sounds when you step on it.
The same with wood, concrete, water, gravel, dirt, metal and snow.

There is also equipment rattle sound triggered from AnimBp and jumping voice/breath sound

Volume of every sound is connected to character speed so if it goes faster sounds are slightly louder. It gives nice natural effect.

Here is full DEMO:
Tell me what you think and what I could add there.

Seen you work on it while we where in the ue4 hangout.
I’d say it looks great, but I would be wrong.
It sounds great!

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks man!

I really Like the Demos you showed so far keep Up the great Work. Quick and great Timesaver and a Instant Value to any Game.

Edit: Stay safe in the Trees dont slip :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will, thanks! :slight_smile:

I just finished full, detail, noob proof description. Is it 17 page PDF enough?

Would be very interested in this :slight_smile:

I just made first step in evaluating.

Would you consider footwear specific sounds.

Bare feet on a wooden floor sounds different than boots on a wooden floor.
And metal feet (transformers cough Gundam cough) sound different when stepping on grass than boots do.

I am gonna think about this for sure in the future. This is going to be my first Market Place asset and I want to go through the evaluation process first. Then I will add extra footsteps sounds from time to time. I am waiting for a winter coz I want to record walking on frozen lake :slight_smile: But robotic sounds are one of my favorite. If you wish I could do that as well.
Here is some of my sci fi sound skillz:

Awesome, I would like that. Anyone working with synthetic characters would benefit. :slight_smile:

It is finally there: