Footstep Sounds with no character

Hi all,

I have a zero person setup… so no character or anims. But I’d still like to have footstep sounds. So I’ve them set up in my pawn, just using the key press and release stuff to play and stop the audio, but when I mouse look around and sidestep and press w. a .s .d ect at the same time, it seems to interfere with the audio playback and the sounds just get confused and stop playing. Is there a better way to do this? This feels kinda sloppy. Maybe I really do need a character with anim notifies setup, even for zero person?

ok, after giving it more thought and talking to a friend we came up with this. It works pretty well.

How do you make the “Fade In” and “Fade Out” functions?

I wish I know how did you get that Footprints node?

I wish I know how did you get that Footprints node?

thankyou,this really helps me a lot.
1.the footstepsound should turn to “sound cue”,and check “looping”.
2.drag this sound cue into character(even it have no mesh)
3.then rebuild blueprint as steve update"footsteps.jpg",and it’s done!