Footstep sounds for Sequencer movie

Hi, I’m working on an animated short, using 4.12 Sequencer, which is an amazing tool btw, so much more convenient than Matinee.
I have a question though and maybe someone who worked on cartoons/movies in UE4 could give some good advice.
So basically my cartoon is made of multiple long animated scenes, which were created in 3Ds Max and imported in UE4. I combine all of the scenes in Sequencer. It’s time to add some sounds to the scene and I want to use UE4 potential of dynamic sound.
My major concern is footsteps.

I saw people using Audio Notify for walking/jumping cycles short loops, I also saw people using Blueprints to set different surface sounds for a player actor.
But I’m not using any Players in my scene, I only have a skeletal mesh with imported animations, that are also 2000-3000 frames long or so, they are not short loops.

So my question is - what is the best way to approach this task? Should I just manually insert different Audio notifies for each step in those long sequences, manually changing “grass sounds” “dirt sounds”, as I don’t use any player and can’t add blueprint to differentiate between physical materials on the ground?
Or there is some way to use blueprints for skeletal mesh as well so I could set up various sounds in blueprint?
Or I should just go completely manual adding every step sound separately in Sequencer as an audio track?