Footstep Material Trace wont work on Spline Mesh

I currently have a spline mesh setup of a fence, and a material trace footstep sound system set up, but the spline mesh will not make any sound when walking on it. I have ensured that the fence static mesh still makes the sound when placed on its own. I also attempted to use a physical material override node in the spline mesh BP to no avail. I have tried swapping the mesh to different ones as well and none work. Are there any common reasons why spline meshes might prevent the footstep sounds from functioning?

Check the collisions on the mesh component that the spline builds. I seem to remember you have to enable collision per mesh that is added and set it’s response to certain profiles or all profiles.

You could check that the trace is actually returning something from your fence mesh by debugging.

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that was it thank you! I couldn’t find any info about this huge props

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