FootPrint Tutorial

Hey guys I would love feedback and let me know if this was useful to you!


Nice work, this will save me a lot of time :slight_smile:

nice, thank you so much. been wanting to hook this up in our game and this helps so much

can u make a tutorial on how to add sounds on different materials when stepping on them?

So like rough stepping on metal and quiet on wool.

thank you:)

Very nice tutorial! :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

sure! I will put that in the next video

I have added part 2 to original post!

awesome! :3


it’s more easy to use switch on enum and add the surface type enum to that and u just spawn an emitter without the custom events

I have added part 3, @Axxi I’m not sure what you mean can you elaborate?

like this


Part 4 I was not able to edit original post

Nice work ! ^^

Hey, just finished video #3 and I can’t seem to get my snow footprints to appear on the other surfaces. I just get nothing, no footprints at all. I think it has something to do with the opacity. In the character blueprint, I have the snow footprint color alpha set to 0.0, and both the grass and wood footprint color alpha set to 0.1 as per your video. If I change the snow footprint color alpha to something else, like 1.0, then footprints appear. However, then I also get footprints appearing on the snow as well, which you don’t seem to get in your video. Unless they just aren’t visible in the video. Can you confirm this, and also tell me what alpha value you have set for all three colors?

Thank you very much

Thanks for the great tutorial, Kodi.

Looks it’s possible to reduce the 20 Blueprint variables to an array. But it’s not possible to reduce the 20 material parameters.

How can lightmap shadows be handled?

Hello , why did you close access to such great tutorials? I’m very sad to encounter it today. Yesterday I started to implement snow by your tutorials and now it all has gone.

Video is private … :confused:

@don’t care, even asked him on PM while was online and no answer nor **** was given. Looks like I will have to store all tutorials before they are gone like this one. Such a shame…I personally hate people like author of this topic.

22.12 Edit: Looks like these are public again…this guy is unreliable