FootIK Plugin - I updated it to Beta5, Requesting Help with Final Polishing, DropBox Plugin download for you

Dear Friends at Epic,

So I finally sorted out all the compile errors to update the footIK plugin to beta5

I can create the node in the editor and compile the BP and it works!


I even see the foot changing positions in game!


#Minor Issue

The only issue is I don’t know if I messed something up while utilizing the beta5 functions to replace beta4, and I dont know how the plugin behaved before beta5

The feet affected by the footIk definitely do something different… but its not exactly the desired result :slight_smile:


#Drop Box

Could one of you awesome Epic folks look through the actual animnode logic and see if I mussed something up, and test the plugin to see how it is behaving relative to the way it used to work

and maybe make any improvements?

I’ve poured about 3 hours into this so hopefully you can take it the rest of the way with a few tweaks to the code

Then we can share it with everyone in Beta5!






I am not sure what your ultimate plans are regarding FootIK,

but if you dont have any immediate plans hopefully you can take the current plugin, which I updated to Beta5, and get it to good working condition without much effort on your part :slight_smile:


Hi Rama,

We appreciate your enthusiasm and your hard work. We definitely want to support you in your development by answering focused questions about how systems work.

You seem to understand how these systems work, but just need to do some more debugging. Good luck!

Thanks for the encouragement hee hee :slight_smile:

I am reallly hoping you Epic folks have some sort of Foot placement plans for the relatively near future?

The topic has turned out to be quite complex for me, and I just have this resistance to working on it because I am surmising that at some point there wil be a UE4 footplacement system put in place.

I am just sort of asking

do you think this UE4 footplacement system will be put in place sooner than later?

Maybe if I send flowers?


Hi Rama,

We have nothing to announce at this point in time.


well thanks for taking the time to answer!

If I come up with anything spectacular will share with community :slight_smile:


You rock Rama!

You can disponibilize?