Football Management Game

Hi guys,
This is my first post so be kind! please.
Im looking for help/advice on building a football management game. I have never built a game before so i need all the advice i can get. i have played football management games for years since the first championship manager game, through f.a premier league manager, fifa manager, football manager, lma manger etc…now all we are left with is football manager which is far to complicated and is losing its fan base over time. i feel imo that people are crying out for a fun realistic but not overly complicated football management game. ( i most defiantly am!). my problem is where to start?
is this possible for ue4?
can anyone help me build this?
point me in the right direction of tutorials for a game like this?

any type of help or feedback/advice is welcome

thanks beama2k

Interesting I’m looking into the same thing and for the same reasons I’m going to try to build an LMA manager type game with the idea that you can start the game from the 90’s up till modern-day and play into the future as far as you’d like If I stumble on anything in forums or through trial and error I will share anything I have learnt with you good look and do let me know if you get anywhere with your game good luck