Football game

for make a football game

must : how to make gener of Unreal engine 4 ?

what the gener game? like Pes 2014

Will you stop posting idiotic threads with dumb questions, that’s the third one today and the last two asked the same question.
The only way is to learn, no one is going to post a whole thread on building a complete genre specific game. It would fill the whole forum because it’s not as simple as writing it down in a simple message :mad:

Sorry no magic make game button here…

Yes unreal could be used to make a football game but you need to learn how… :slight_smile:
Not sure what a gener is sorry.

LexLuthor1 :slight_smile: ,just ignore such threads…

:smiley: :cool: :cool: :slight_smile:

Excuse me irrelevant questions

I dont think they mean any offense or anything its just you get a lot of people come on these Game Engine forums and ask questions like “how can I make this type of game ?”

Basically if you know nothing about making games then you need to start from the very bottom and work your way up. There is no easy way to make a game there is a lot of work needed.

Start with the basic tutorials avilable here and on youtube and try and make a very basic game to start with… Unreal can be used to make any type of game you want really but again you need to learn how.

thank you for suitable answer

I didn’t mean to be rude, but as caldrin said, its an impossible question to answer. The only way is to learn everything :slight_smile:

  1. get a 3d application, learn to model, uv and texture your models
  2. Learn Unreal Engine 4 with their 50 million tutorials
  3. learn sound or get a sound effects guy.
  4. release game.

Should take you a few years for all that. Best get started!

lol yeh, its all down to planning; its more than doable with UE4. Its more of how are you going to use it :smiley:

I’ve noticed the spamming of threads as well.

Steev, It’s an engine, a new one at that. Nobody will show you how to do it, but the right direction would be to follow the tutorials and post any questions you have along the way. What you are basically asking is for someone to create a whole game for you; Which is most probably not going to happen.

People spend years with engines trying to create their projects, and I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a good while to get to grips with the engine, tools, code and everything in between. If you’re willing, as has been previously stated, it’s best to follow tutorials, look at the content examples and learn how to create small projects in UE4 and then build your skills up until you can tackle a fighting game / football game / whatever you’ve asked someone for a tutorial on here.

We’re all here to help each other, but that doesn’t involve creating whole projects for each other. We’re all learning.

Thank You for all answer

i understand