Football Game

I’m very new to unreal, but I’m very keen. So I really want to make a football game and I’ve seen a tutorial on how to do it but I really have no idea where I’ve gone wrong? It won’t actually “kick” the ball for me. I can run to it and move it around that way, but it doesn’t add the impulse. You can see in the screenshot that I’ve got a print string at the end (bearing in mind these blueprints are in the football actor), and it doesn’t actually print the string. In other words it just won’t recognise the input at all? So then I decided to go into the character blueprints and thought maybe it has to be put in the character blueprint instead of the football? Which turns out doesn’t work either. I’m very very confused, please help - thanks!

Hi, does anyone know the solution? I have the same problem, tried the same things and it still doesn’t work for me (UE5).
@Tacube maybe you have solved the problem? thanks in advice!