Football game advice

Hi I’m completely new, fresh meat.

Has anyone attempted to make a game similar to Football Superstars/Striker Superstars (basically a 1st/3rd person football game where you play as an individual player not controlling a whole team)? Those games aren’t made very well but I really like the concept of that sort of football game. Sort of like a FPS but take out the guns and stick players on a pitch with a ball except they kick it/head it in various ways and can tackle etc etc. As realistically as possible really.

If so, would like some links, and if not could someone suggest a roadmap of the most important things I’d need to learn to create such a game? I haven’t coded anything before so I probably don’t know half the hurdles I would need to jump.

I looked at a few videos and animation and that sort of thing seems OK and then I think of how ball would interact with a player etc. it seems scary to me.

Thanks in advance.

I actually thought about similar idea once but never went on to proceed with it.

Getting the players to run around the pitch nudging the ball around should be pretty straightforward. Football also has predefined rules so you don’t have to come up with your own and thus putting them into game shouldn’t be too hard (basic rules at least: when ball crosses goal line, it’s a goal etc.)

That being said I think making the players interaction with other players and the ball realistically is the bit I see most challenging. Even FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have not yet done this flawless in my experience. For example kicking ball requires loads of things to consider: is the player in good stance, where is the ball related to the leg kicking it, how much force is applied to kick…

But yeah, putting together a concept shouldn’t be too hard. Requires work for sure but definitively possible.

Yes exactly that is what I mean, the realistic interaction. Easy to have a ball that is nudged but yes I was thinking more dynamic ball than that that can be in possession and tackled out of possession and continue to bobble around afterwards like a real ball. And then avatar interaction is probably tough too, maybe it is just a case of having a lot of good animations making it all work but that would be hard for me since I’m just a noob.

AAA football developers took more than 10 years experience with published titles before they even tried adding ‘real’ ball physics to their dedicated game engines. That’s how hard it is.

So what would be a good angle to tackle the problem from?

In older games they simply attached the ball to the player actor.
Physics simulation were only when the ball had no ‘owner’ or in air disputes.

OK that would definitely be easier to start off with.