Footages from Capture Source doesn't appear in Metahuman Identity windows!

Hi every one! I NEED your HELP!!
When I add my footage in the queue of the Capture Manager, all is ok but when I create the NewmetahumanIdentity window, then I create a component from my footage.
ANd at this step, the footage that is created is totally black!
I can’t see nothing from my original footage.
Here is a screenshot:

Anybody can save my life???
I found no information about that problem in the forum…
Thank you

I would recommend you start by verifying that the footage has been converted correctly. When the footage was brought in via Capture Manager it will have created a number of folders and assets within the CaptureSource_Ingested/TakeName folder. If you look in this folder there should be ImageSequence assets relating to the footage. You can open these assets and hit the “Open” button to directly playback the image sequences in UE’s media player.

If these are showing correctly then it sounds like an issue rendering the data within the Identity editor. I would check the logs when you set/playback the footage to see if there are any sort of rendering/GPU issues mentioned.

If the footage is not playing back from the ImageSequence then it implies it was not converted properly. I would try re-importing using Capture Manager and check the logs for any errors once this has completed.