Foot prints decals issues

so I am trying to create footprints in C++ in 4.22

The line trace is working fine and compiling without any errors.

But when it tries to access Dataasset CPP functions to get physical surface material – it always returns null…

Not sure where I am going wrong with this…

I have attached all the code and BP setup in these images

any help would be useful


Hi, yes they are just intellisense, It does not have any compile errors…

I have created a BP derived from the PhysicsData.h and assigned the mats and decals(shown in image from first post)

Not sure what you mean by this –
“Did you set your PhyData, particle effects, and decals properly in BP? That’s all I can think of.”

do you I have to assign this in some place in CharacterBP?

and I have initialized PhysicsData in Character.h like this :
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = “Character”)
class UPhysicsData* PhyData;

is this correct? (I can see Phydata component in Character BP(its blank) , but I can’t assign anything to it

I have attached an image from VS debug, it shows the error… at runtime

and thanks for the help…