Foot IK for weird orientated foot bones

Lately I’ve been learning how to properly setup foot IK. I have read docs, seen few tuts on YT and decided to follow this one:…nnel=RyanLaley

His feet bones point downward with X axis, mine… mine point somewhere at my stupidity perhaps.


Problem is I can’t just plug my, traced in character BP, Z (float) value to any vectors float for effector in animation BP. At least not when Two Bone IK effector is set to bone space since bone is rotated as above.
If I set effector Location Space to Parent Bone Space, it kind of work but feet is getting inside of objects, higher object = deeper inside it is.

Is it possible to properly setup foot IK in this case?

Nvm managed to fix it. Set effector in 2 Bone IK node to world space and did this:

-3 float is to fix the position a bit

Why not just rotate the bone within the skeleton to the correct position?
IK is already heavy enough without the extra math of adjusting a vector…

And, rotating a bone does not affect the skinning if you do it correctly…

Yes probably I should just rotate the bone, but for now its working fine and my animations are not messed up, so I’m okay with that ^^ Im using a little modified Rigify skeleton from Blender, so I would rather avoid messing with the skeleton too much.