Food that Gives EXP when Consumed

Im trying to make a simple food that when consumed will assign exp to the one who consumes it. (for solo players to level dino’s) I cant seem to find anything that handles “exp given” in any of the current consumables in the game, yall got any idea what i should be looking for?

Excellent question! Im still trying to figure out a lot of the DevKits features and personally I see no way of accomplishing that task unless you added a blueprint to the consumable item (which unfortunately is one of the many aspects of the devKit I have yet to mingle with). I hope some clever person chips in and gives a simple solution for you. Best of luck!

Most simple way about it is to apply a buff to the actor which then supplies the XP to them.


Yea i figured it out last night. So what you’ll do is copy Buff_Base over and then grab you a consumable and copy it over for example i used Primalitemconsumable_CalienSoup. So then u basically rename your buff to what you want and the search for “Xptoadd” in this youll put your xp amount. Then also youll change the multiplayer too. And the rate. Then point your primalitemconsumable to your buff under “buff to give when consumed” inside the item. Its actually pretty simple, just had to find the Xptoad and xp amount and xp multiplayer settings. Hope this helps some one else.

Glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing your discovery!