Food replicating feeding Trough

So, I am trying to make a self-sustaining feeding trough for my x50 server.
Basically what I want to do is create one that is able to duplicate raw meat and tintoberries on its own as long as there’s at least 1 of each.
Right now I am able to make 1 raw meat into 100, but it only works in the player inventory. The engram doesn’t show up anywhere else. Problem is that while it shows “Can only be crafted in:” and then the item I selected, the engram is not there.
Any ideas why?

Might be easier to have your new structure on tick, look through it’s own inventory and just incrementitemstacksize on all food items

How is this done?
Sorry, I am a complete noob to modding.
Also, doesn’t this then replicate everything they put in there, including prime meat, cooked meat etc?

it would unless you specify what item type you want to be replicated, by using casts

Or you can compare the classes (PrimalItem > GetClass > Equals(Class) + DesiredClass > Branch(true/false))

So you can say only raw and tinto berries can replicate, everything else is ignored.

Added Class Compare Example:

Thanks, I’ll try to figure out their blueprint system.

I’am new to ArkDevKit. I also wanted to fiddle a bit with the inventory. But i have a question. Witch is the right blueprint to add this graph to? Do i work with the structure, inventory, engram(i dont think so), structureItem? Or do i have to use one of the base classes? I’am not unfamiliar with programming so i hope you give me some pointers where to search or some tutorial concerning that topic.