Foobius Scenes

Hi, I’m kind of new to Unreal 4, been plaing in it for few weeks.
I’ve did some udk3 before, one scene…
Here are the effects of my free time:

this one is the latest, models are mine, exscept the rock wich is from starter content,
aswell as some materials, tho i modify them alot in some places
whole scene, with modeling, took me about 2 days

this one im proud most, the rocks I’ve made look really nice when moving around
the sculpture, ive made in zbrush, and it was my second time sculpting,
everything took me 2 and half day

this is badly unfinished, in middle is my first zbrush sculpture,
i want to model more machine stuff, but didnt have much time for it latly
it took a day to make it

this I’ve made very quick, i had some buildings models ive made before,
i just had to make some destruction,
im not really satisfied with the terrain
scene: half day

That one was my second project, all models are mine,
i wanted it to look cyberpunk, but i dont think i managed well
spent 4 days on it

aaand my first scene in unreal 4
spent couple hours to patch it up and learn basics

Thank you for watching them, soon ill make a video from all of them, since im looking for work as level designer (right now i work as delivery man! not much time for unreal!)
If you have eny tips or feel like criticising feel free to
remeber also that all of them are wip’s


Hey Foobious, welcome to the ue4 community! These scenes are pretty cool, looking forward to seeing how you develop them. Keep it up! =)

Thank you so much for kind welcoming me Se_jonF,
since time when i posted it many things happend,
i had to move out from the city to tiny house on the countryside,
i dont have warm water and the toilet is in the bushes,
im jobless and broke,
but i still have 3 months of mobile internet and powersource wich is a cable from my neightbor,
and i started working today, after i settled in

did some light work on cyberpunk scene, added garbage and some dirt on the road

sorry for the low resolution but its literaly uploading for hours

as always, would really welcome some criticizm and tips and tricks and suggestion

cheers! yours truly Boob

Just came to say hi! Have not much done since last time, but today i had free so i sat and worked on the space scene
here are resoults so far:

cheers and thanks for the viewing

Looking good, I like the lighting. Keep it up! =)

thank you, you ve been so nice and motivation for me!

added some small details

ooh and epic postprocessing!

Looks great)

thank you bitande you warm my heart!

I work from morning today, here is what i made till now, its a new scene becose some friend tell me my scenes are dark

still lots of work (and no light burned, thats why on one side of castle theres little previews)

Here how it looked in the first hour of work: :stuck_out_tongue:

short update, still dont have a job :frowning:

did some work on castle scene

Been doing work all day but the effects were rather poor

started new aproach to post apo scene


short update for post apo scene:


aaand another update, i work day and night

the person model is from my friend, he sculpted it long time ago in zbrush, send me obj and i did textures and optimalization



I have a question are you only creating scenes or theres an actual game you are working on and if so i would to know which one is the screenshot for the game.

Hi! i create envirements and focus on one place, to make it looks nice,
then i start from this and build on it.
I dont work on actual game, just the visual part of the level, its a project for fun

all of the footage is rendered real time if youre asking for this
add gameplay mechanics and you have game basicly

doing videos!

update ---- >

did some work on the sci-fi tomb/prison scene:

and post apo:

and the cave one, but still lot to do:

tell me what you think!
thanks, yours truly!