Fonts and Commercial Video Game use

Good evening community!

I am a lost as to what license I need for the certain uses in video games. I have just spent another couple hours researching but I am no closer to any clearer answers.

Firstly, which license would be needed for uses that will not need the original font file (I will not need to include it in packaging). Examples would be, text within a model/mesh wrap, or text converted to a model/mesh in blender, and text within business logo’s displayed via texture/decal/material.

Second, which license would one need for use in UI, where the font file would be needed. Example would be, main menu text, options etc. Or if I made a journal in game in which the player can type in, using said font.

I have been to all the popular font sites and they have “desktop use” which is for logo’s and such where the font file is not needed in packaging and can be used in “applications & software”. This is confusing since you wouldn’t find a video game sitting under “Applications” or “Software” on store shelves or websites. I have tried contacting “Font Squirrel” and “1001fonts”, but I have no reply within 3 days.

I also stumbled upon a website that sells specifically for video game use, but his licensing pricing guide is extremely far from reasonable for even big studio budgets. It’s actually a good laugh.

Since the community has already made so many amazing commercial titles, it would be better to hear from folks who have experience in this sort of field.

Just for the sake of sharing, I am looking to use these fonts:



I would say desktop licensing, very often what happens in gaming apps is that you don’t use the font file itself, but an atlas is created of the font at the size that you are using and it automatically uses that atlas for the font rather than using the font itself. It’s like using a picture of the text rather than doing anything with the font.

but that doesnt automatically mean its safe to use without checking.
If I make a game and set the title in the Unreal Font, im sure Epic would contact me, even if I just make an image/texture of it.
One good example that comes to my mind is the “Marlboro” font. If you want to use it for your in game fake cigs “Morley” :smiley: , you still have to ask, or use just a similar font :wink:

I think those are a case of trademark rather than something like this.

I heard back from “”, and for anyone else whose looking for further clarification on Fonts and commercials games, this is the info I received from MyFonts & CanadaType Fonts:

For video game commercial use, a raster of the font (images, textures, materials, decals) may be used under the “Desktop License”.

For use with UI elements or the above example I mentioned (user text input), then it does indeed fall under the Application & Software license.

I hope this information helps anyone else out.

Thanks KVogler & darthviper107 for the information you provided!

To prevent copyright issues I would search for copyright free fonts.
Or if not use the desktop license.
But better you read the faq or something about the license.