Font size shrinks on packaged html game

I want to display the text in the size of the first image but when I package my game to html5, the text size shrinks.
I used a widget blueprint to display the text using horizontal box with simple text inside.

font size for In-editor view and windows 64 export has no problem:


but packaged html5 font size becomes tiny:


not sure how to fix this.

Hey Glboom,

I have created a sample project, and imported a font in. I then created a widget blueprint with text in it. I packaged for Development as well as Shipping and ran it in HTML5. I did not have an issue with my font.

Could you provide me a sample project where this is occurring, or at least show me your blueprint set up and a link to your font?


I got something similar to this. package on pc worked fine. package for android and the text renderer displayed as HUGE as opposed to your tiny.

The culprit for us was the ‘world size’ setting. we were increasing from 26 → 120. After trying a few things, I fixed it by resetting world size to default, and using the x/y scale (~6.0 in both) : font size in game is now the same on both PC and mobile.