Font and Menu styles for ComboBox

Hi, I’m working on a prototype UMG Menu and I’ve been using Scrollbox with custom buttons for choosing my visual settings. Today, I just tried out ComboBox since I got a suggestion that it’s easier to work with. However I found that the customization options for Combobox are very limited. There is no option for changing the font size or style or alignment. Similarly, there is no option for setting a texture for the dropdown menu instead of the plain black background. Is there any chance you guys are working on any of these features? And if so, can we expect it in the near future?

Hello ,

This is a known issue that has been reported to the developers for further consideration. I have provided a link to the original issue. This link also has a workaround for the issue that you have described. I hope this information helps.

Link: How do I set the font size of the UMG ComboBox (String)? - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

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would be great to see BP functions to change font on comboboxes!