Font and Menu styles for ComboBox

Hi, I’m working on a prototype UMG Menu and I’ve been using Scrollbox with custom buttons for choosing my visual settings. Today, I just tried out ComboBox since I got a suggestion that it’s easier to work with. However I found that the customization options for Combobox are very limited. There is no option for changing the font size or style or alignment. Similarly, there is no option for setting a texture for the dropdown menu instead of the plain black background. Is there any chance you guys are working on any of these features? And if so, can we expect it in the near future?

I’ve posted this in the AnswerHub as well. So if anyone wants to answer there, here’s the link:

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Yeah it would be nice to have these features in vanilla UE. At the moment, I’m creating my interface, but with the limitations of the combo box, it’s not particularly useful.

Basically, I need user editing and font options, because with a large resolution on a small phone, the combo box is absolutely useless.

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I have overcome this limitation by using a text field and a button on either side with an arrow symbol. I then drive the values via a Blueprint … not the best solution but it works.

The limitations of the combo box? Because that’s what we’re discussing. :wink:

I’ve used the button & field trick, but need combo boxes that I can specify font and editability functionality.

People have been asking for this for a while now, myself included.

It’s strange because the UMG team (and Nick specifically) are very good at responding to these types of queries quickly, but this one always seems to fall on deaf ears.

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You can style a lot about the combobox by changing the generated widget it uses for each item in the list,


Next fill in the created function with whatever widget you’d like to generate, in this example I made a widget called PlayerEntry that’s just a textblock formatted the way I want, that has a spawn parameter for a players name that I pass in, on construct it sets that text on the textblock it owns.

The specific option to style the background is as far as I know unsupported in the slate control, so unless you modify the underlying slate control, or make your own combobox, there’s not currently a way to style it. My door is always open on pull requests :slight_smile:

The UMG Team is really tiny. Me and occasionally someone else, so not a ton of free time.

I tend to wait and see if someone else will answer the ‘how do i style’ posts because I figure someone else has figured it out. Also if it’s not built in, you can always mod the engine or clone the control and get generally whatever effect you need - so there’s always a workaround.

Thanks, Nick! I’ll give it a shot. Still tho, we would greatly appreciate these options from the getgo. ;D

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We need documentation/manuals! The more advanced features like this totally slip under the radar because I expect a function called “On Generate Widget” to have the same effect as “Event Construct,” to be honest. Thank you very much for shedding some light on this, I can finally stop trying to perfect my own makeshift combobox.

I am scratching my head as to how you did this…

I created a widget, made its size 256x256, created a text block called “Item Name”, set it as a variable, created nodes: Item Name –> setText(text), but there is no way that I can create a parameter in Construct to plug into setText(text). How did you create the Player Name Input on your Player Entry Widget?

Thanks :slight_smile:

NickDarnell thanks for suggestion!

I think text parameters for combobox should be changeable without generation of new widget type. Font style and padding + for designers it’s good to have an option not implement text in combobox as child, but as overlay: you can put text in button as child and you can put both in overlay. Why we need it? Because we want button to have it’s own size based on used image, not on child-text size.


So how do you change the font style of a combo box?



Not sure if anyone is still working on this, but I used an overlay to put text on the combobox, then made the text of the combobox alpha set to 0, which makes it appear that the text in the combobox is centered (in my case). I then bound that text to the different combobox selections.

Edit: I actually added some padding to the combobox variable content. It doesn’t seem to update until after compiling.

I tried creating a custom widget, but there’s still a black background.