FOnlineSubsystemSteam::GetSteamAppID not Reflecting Config File

Dear Friends at Epic (And most likely Josh :slight_smile: ),

With Josh’s help I finally got the steam instance of online subsystem!


Oddly though

I did a call to GetSteamAppId()

and it returned the default Epic app id

not the one I am using in my config files

and the one that is stored in the steam_appid.txt in my binaries

is that expected behavior?

I have compiled many many times since changing the config file to 480

in my config file and in the steam_appid.txt I am using 480


but see pic below for what I am getting returned when I do:

//Steam Cast Directly, thank you Josh!
FOnlineSubsystemSteam * VictoryOnline = static_cast(OnlineSub);
if (VictoryOnline) OptInt("server port", VictoryOnline->GetGameServerSteamPort());
if (VictoryOnline) OptInt("app id", VictoryOnline->GetSteamAppId());


Hi Rama,

Can you clarify where you are placing the code that returns the app ID? Thanks.

Dear Stephen,

Hi there!

I am not replacing the steam app ID within my code base at all,

I am only changing the steam app ID within my config file: DefaultEngine.ini, as posted in the first post

The purpose of this thread is to indicate that the UE4 steam code does not seem to draw the steam id from the config file, and instead seems to get the app ID internally somewhere.

So the whole point of this thread is the interaction between the UE4 OnlineSubsystemSteam function


and the config file DefaultEngine.ini

with the goal of a developer being able to set her/his own unique AppID just in the .ini file and have that be returned by GetSteamAppId().

Hope that helps!


I was actually asking about the implementation of the code for

if (VictoryOnline) OptInt(“app id”, VictoryOnline->GetSteamAppId());

But that’s fine, we have the information we need. Thanks

Thank you for the information. We have reproduced the issue and it is under investigation.


Great to hear from you Stephen!