following this tutorial but i am stuck
i am following this tutorial however the guy on here does this Game instance ref > Get> from there he then brings out a node and types show host… i can’t do this… why is this… i am on 4.19.2 trying to do this for uni to pass my module for it (got to do UI)

You Cast to YOUR_GameInstace (Get Game Instance) , and have inside your GameInstance that variable? Also if you cite a video cite the time.

It is a custom event he created at video #3 4:15.

Okay, so it is actually at the 6.19 mins mark. Did you create a custom GameInstance yet? Something likely covered earlier in that tutorial. If you have you cast to that GameInstance, then you can promote a variable from it, so that you can use that variable inside that UI.

Yes sorry it is at 6 :19. This tutorial is not the greatest but it works fine. I tend to let widgets handle as little logic as possible and avoid promoting references left and right to avoid coupling of Blueprints.

thanks, I got that all sorted but now I am on tutorial 11 went to test for the first time on going to the Aren01 and it is going to a black screen (the main menu black screen) once I try to play it that is… anyway how can I fix this, if you need pics of anything to let me know and I shall provide what I can