Following the twin stick shooter (4.8) tutorial - Can you create the base class in Blueprint?


So I’m following the tutorial for the twin stick shooter blueprint (4.8) and I’ve created the .h and .cpp files for the BaseCharacter class like it says, but now I’m wondering, can you do that in blueprint?
I’d really like to avoid any coding at all if possible. I mean, sure, I can understand what’s going on with that little bit of code, but does that help me next time I need to make a base character class or similar that is different from the one demonstrated? not really…

If at all possible I’d like to keep everything to blueprints so that I understand fully what’s going on and how to edit / create them when necessary.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .

cheers :slight_smile:

yes it is. Just make a blueprint, add the mesh, add the variables for health and energy and make a function that calculates death. All doable in blueprint alone.

Almost a year ago, will this be of any help?

Hey, thanks for the replies guys.
Not sure the blueprint example shows how he sets up his base class. looks like he’s just settign up the controller there. I think I should be able to figure it out tho. unless you know of any tutorials where they set up a base class in blueprint then that would be awesome :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if i understood correctly, but actually every blueprint can serve as a base class. Just create a blueprint, set up all base variables/logic there and then you can inherit from it while creating a new blueprint.

I was looking through the Twin Stick Shooter tutorial series and I think it’d be useful to do a 5A video, showing what would happen if that whole Base Class was done in Blueprint.
Twin Stick Shooter - 5 - Base Character Class

I second that. Not sure why they included that bit of C++ and made it mandatory when it’s a Blueprints tutorial. I have no intention of learning C++, and what I’m being asked to do is apparently 100% possible in blueprints, I came here to learn blueprints, I will only ever use this C++ I just learned for this purpose and this purpose only and so it would of been so much more useful to just show me the blueprint method. If i was a coder, I’m sure it would be fairly obvious what I would need to do to create a class. So Coders have nothing to learn from it. It really seemed like a pointless, confusing exercise. The rest of the tutorial was awesome tho. :slight_smile: