Following path

Hello everyone,
I am trying to make a character find a path to an object and follow it in a pretty complex environment (randomly generated maze). Find Path to Actor Synchronously shows that the path exists, but how can I make a character follow it?
Thanks in advance.

Also I am very new to the engine, so really, any help appreciated

“AIMoveTo” should work, just remember to add a NavMeshBoundsVolume to the maze, and make sure that your maze walls got “can ever affect navigation” set to true.

Thank you very much for help. I tried doing what you suggested and checked the mentioned property, but the character would just stupidly bump into walls. Is AIMoveTo using some super primitive pathfinding algorithm?
here with red arrows I pointed the direction the character follows when i use AIMoveTo function, and with blue the direction when i use Simple Move to Actor. But both just bump into walls and stop.

i’m currenctly packaging a project, what may take some hours, when i get a free time i will take a better look at this problem, it’s an interesting problem, i never had problem with AIMoveTo, it works fine for me, but i’ve never tried to make a randonly generated maze. hope someone else help you in the meantime.

Found an OK ish solution, character moves. Had to set Project Settings > Navigation > Runtime Generation to Dynamic, as the new map is generated on every run, so navmesh has to be rebuilt.