Following Doc Tutorial, Character Jumps when they should Jog

I am a UE4/Game Dev newbie. I am following the tutorial found here and I have gotten everything to work on it except for one thing.

Whenever I press Left Shift, my character goes through the jump animation. This is different from when I press space, as my character will move up on the Z-axis. When my character is moving around and I press Left ■■■■, their speed increases, but the Jump animation just plays over and over as long as I hold down Left Shift.

This leads me to believe its an animation issue, not a keybinding issue, but I am not sure where it’s going wrong. I have checked through my transitions and animations several times and can’t figure it out

Check the input of your left shift, Use a print there to check if it’s working, ex. “From YourCharacterBp left shift pressed.”