Follow up- License question when seller on marketplace says no

So it looks like the Marketplace guidelines allow us to use icons for a trading card app but sellers says no ,

Legally who’s yes or no takes precedence if seller agrees to marketplace rules?

We essentially want to know if we can proceed with icon purchase from specific selling even though they say we are not allowed to use their icons in a trading card builder app & epic marketplace say it is allowed?

Is there a formal dispute resolution process where seller can be notified by Epic games they have to allow icon usage if they sell the icons on marketplace? The marketplace guidelines take presidency over the comments they make when contacted directly on marketplace in the q&a section of the component.

Hi mcd010, while Epic doesn’t offer a formal dispute resolution process, we’ve reached out to the seller in this case to clear up the misunderstanding. Your licensing terms (i.e., the UE EULA) are the governing terms that control your legal rights to use the content.

Will epic let me know when I can proceed with purchases from the specific seller so we can proceed creating the trading card builder commercial app.