follow contour Collision

I have been playing around with different collisions, even importing my own from my 3d modeling program but thought that it would be better if we could use the collision editor to inside Unreal4 to offer more custom control of the collision map or a way to have the collision follow the contour of said model, with the option of being able to cut away for doors and windows.

did you check out the new rolling player demo up in the marketplace?

You can use the graphics triangles of your mesh as collision if you set ‘Use Complex As Simple’ for ‘Collision Complexity’ in the StaticMesh Editor.

Is there any performance impact on that?

There is, but it shouldn’t be any worse than building ‘simple’ geometry using a large number of hulls. The bigger problem may be getting stuck on small triangles etc.

i did not think about that, its still early in the development stage but running tests gave me that thought. seeings how i cannot afford MAX or Maya, i am using blender for asset creation and only asset creation, and it seems to be working nicely with Unreal4 and have had no problems so far.

I read somewhere that it wont work with physic objects → so you will have to use another way (auto convex, collision boxes,…)