Follow Bone Socket lame "vehicle"

Hi, I have problem with destructible mesh “Glass” follow bone socket isn’t move smoothly with car door.

-car door open kinematic.
-Inside vehicle blueprint.
-destructible mesh “No collision”

check image :


Hello Mia 20, just to clarify is that an animation that you have set up on that door or do you have this movement set up via sockets inside of the engine? Walk me through the steps that you used to set things up.


I made movement a car with door adjustable manually by bones and attach glass “destructible” in bone socket “plus” I tested that in UE4.8 and used “force always animated” for socket and still not working .

Hey, Mia. I have recreated a project with a destructible mesh attached to a skeletal mesh. Please open this project and feel free to edit it as you need. If you see any differences then maybe you will be able to narrow down where you are experiencing these issues. Let me know what you find out.


I made it from beginning on U4.8 and it’s working fine. Thanks

Not a problem. Glad I could help.

Hlelo mLichy,

If you would open a new thread with a thorough explanation of what you are trying to achieve with your project. Please attach screenshots and provide any and all information you find relevant to your workflow that would help us assist you.

Please be sure to open this in the Using UE4 section.